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OMNIVISION’s Presentation at GTC 2023: Next-Gen CIS Solutions

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GTC is a state-of-the-art global conference hosted by NVIDIA, a pioneer in the industry, for innovators, technologists, and creatives. At GTC 2023, OMNIVISION’s Automotive Staff Product Management & Marketing Manager, Paul Wu, had the honor of presenting on the challenges in next-gen CMOS image sensor (CIS) solutions for automotive in‑cabin applications and highlighting the key technologies required for automotive CIS.

Dr. Wu touched on the key technologies required for automotive CIS, including HDR+LFM, AD application: low light, Nyxel® 4x NIR QE (in‑cabin application using RGB + IR pixels) for better system performance and cost savings, and improved RGB‑IR signal processing with RGB‑IR color pixel. OMNIVISION’s sensors on NVIDIA Orin™ “combo” solutions cover all automotive CIS applications, including rear-view cameras, surround-view cameras, E‑mirrors, driver in‑cabin monitoring, and autonomous driving & ADAS. A special emphasis was placed on the OX05B1S, which is a high-performance 5MP sensor with BSI GS pixel, Nyxel®, and RGB-IR CFA. It can provide advanced multi-function capture schemes that enable DMS (Driver Monitoring System), OMS (Occupant Monitoring System), and IMS (Interior Monitoring System) functions using one camera. It is the first sensor with a cybersecurity function and a Global Shutter, which has 36% world-leading NIR Quantum Efficiency, and is optimized for 940 nm applications. This cutting-edge product has exceptional low-light sensitivity, a compact pixel size, and the added benefits of RGB‑IR and mono-color filters. With the industry’s highest quantum efficiency, it provides unmatched sensitivity, optimized system costs, and economic power consumption. Notably, this next-generation architecture significantly improves near-infrared quantum efficiency by a remarkable three-fold increase over its predecessor.

For more information, please check the full presentation recordings by registering at the GTC platform before Apr 10th or visiting our Customer Experience Center.