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Driver Monitoring System

Innovative sensor assisted driver notification and driver monitoring technology


Driver Monitoring System

There’s no arguing the fact that today’s driver is faced with more distractions than ever. Despite legislative intervention, endless PR campaigns and preemptive in-device warnings, some drivers still require another wave of protection to keep themselves and those around them safe.

In fact, drowsy and distracted driving has become such an issue globally that as of 2024, all new vehicles sold within the European Union are required to have Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS). According to the latest report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drowsy or distracted driving was responsible for over 4,000 fatalities in the US in 2019. Even with all of the exterior sensing solutions currently available on the market, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) may be the key in preventing the relating factors that lead to fatal crashes.

The use of compact global shutter (GS) sensors provide a heightened sensitivity to near-infrared light (NIR) and is just the beginning of OMNIVISION’s purposeful innovation. Monitoring not only a driver’s alertness, but also vigilance, is crucial in preventing potential roadway catastrophes. To complement the sensor portfolio OMNIVISION also offers dedicated ASIC ( application-specific integrated circuit) which targets DMS applications. These integrate NPU, DDR and ISP, OMNIVISION continues to exhibit its technological leadership in the automotive market.

With the ever-growing technology trends that often lead to a more distracted driver experience, it’s important to create solutions to counteract and hopefully increase driver, passenger and overall public safety.

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