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OmniBSI™-2 Technology

OMNIVISION’s OmniBSI™-2 technology extends OmniBSI™ to enhance the signal level in image sensors

Technology Benefits

OmniBSI™-2 image sensors reduce power consumption and enable more advanced image quality than OmniBSI™.

Advanced Image Quality
OmniBSI™-2 is built according to 65nm design rules for optimal pixel layout to maximize performance for enhanced image quality.
Improvements in Performance
OMNIVISION’s second-generation BSI technology puts the performance of the previous 1.4-micron sensors into a 1.1-micron pixel size to achieve an increase in low-light performance, improvements in quantum efficiency, and full-well capacity — and increase die per wafer.

Technology Features

OmniBSI™-2 features advanced process node design rules and 300mm wafer process to enhance camera performance and capabilities.

  • 65nm Design Rules
    65nm design rules enable compact pixel circuitry for optimal pixel layout to maximize performance for enhanced image quality.
  • 300mm Wafer Process
    300mm wafer process improves the stability of production and increases die per wafer for high-volume production applications.
  • Backside Illumination (BSI)
    Backside illumination flips pixels and circuitry to collect the light from the backside of the image sensor.


OMNIVISION’s OmniBSI™-2 targets mobile, security, medical, automotive and notebook/PC applications.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.