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OmniBSI™ Technology

OMNIVISION’s OmniBSI™ leverages backside-illumination (BSI) sensing technology that delivers best-in-class image quality

Technology Benefits

OmniBSI™ is a revolutionary platform that enables improved sensitivity, color reproduction and image quality.

Best-in-Class Light Absorption
OmniBSI™ represents a leap in low-light performance and signal-to-noise ratio. It enables smaller pixels and smaller die size at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing performance. OMNIVISION was first to the mobile, surveillance and automotive markets with BSI in volume production.
Enables Thinner Camera Modules
In comparison with frontside-illumination (FSI) sensors, the innovative architecture of OmniBSI™ enables reduced pixel crosstalk, high quantum efficiency, improved low-light sensitivity and ultra-low stack height to meet today’s requirements for ultra-thin mobile handsets.
Wide Chief Ray Angle
A wide chief ray angle (CRA) enables thinner modules with large-aperture lenses for better low-light performance, image quality, true-to-life color reproduction and improved camera performance. It also can be applied to larger pixel designs.

Technology Features

OmniBSI™ technology features backside illumination for advanced image quality using 0.11-micron process technology.

  • BSI Backside Illumination (BSI)
    Backside-illumination technology flips pixels and circuitry to collect the light from the backside of the image sensor.
  • Advanced Image Quality
    Flipping the wafer reduces the stack height from sensor surface to micro-lens, which realizes higher sensitivity and creates more tolerance in the incident light angle to reach the pixels.
  • Cost & Performance Advantage
    OmniBSI™ is built on product-proven 0.11-micron process technology to provide significant cost and performance advantages.


OMNIVISION’s OmniBSI™ technology is in mobile devices, PC/notebook, automotive, medical and security applications.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.