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Ear-Nose-Throat and Airway Management

Cost-effective, compact solutions for the ENT otorhinolaryngology industry


Ear-Nose-Throat and Airway Management

At the heart of every medical procedure is the intent to “Do no harm.” Although most procedures require a measure of discomfort, resulting in recovery and rehabilitation time, the drive to reduce that time is OMNIVISION’s mission. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “among the numerous injuries seen in urban trauma centers, ENT trauma is one of the most prevalent. Since it is the most exposed part of the body, and the one least protected, ENT is the region which is most associated with other organs or systems in emergency centers.”

With the ever-changing health and safety landscapes that have come with managing Covid related issues, OMNIVISION’s 720p HD sensor wafer-level camera module is best-in-class, assisting in laryngoscopical intubation with illumination as well as dental imaging via intra-oral scanner, allowing for less invasive procedures and quicker healing times.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.