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DCG™ Technology

OMNIVISION’s proprietary HDR technology captures extremely high-contrast scenes for optimum content and image quality

OMNIVISION’s DCG™ Technology

DCG™ Technology – How it works?

Technology Benefits

OMNIVISION’s DCG™ HDR Technology can further extend dynamic range, reproduce motion artifact free, and low-noise images in challenging lighting conditions

Ultra-High HDR
OMNIVISION DCG™ Technology can further extend dynamic range up to 140 db.
Picture perfect in any lighting
Creating excellent scene reproduction in a wide range of challenging lighting conditions.
Accurate scene reproduction
Delivering the most accurate, low-noise and motion artifact-free captures, both indoors and outdoors.

Technology Features

OMNIVISION’s unique DCG™ Technology extends HDR by sampling conversion gains twice and adding exposures for accurate scene reproduction

  • Dual sampling
    Sampling the same photo-generated charge twice with different conversion gains for every pixel.
  • High and low conversion gains
    One exposure samples electrons twice with both high and low conversion gains.
  • Additional exposures
    Further extend dynamic range by adding two exposures.


OMNIVISION’s HDR technology caters surveillance, and automotive applications