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Urology and Gynaecology

Compact High-Resolution Designs for Endoscopic Uretero & Renoscope Applications


Urology and Gynaecology

Within the fields of Urology and Gynaecology a number of issues can arise, that if not properly and safely treated can cause permanent or long term damage. According to studies done by the Journal of Urology & Nephrology, bladder injuries are the most frequent urologic injury inadvertently caused by surgeons. Ureteric injuries are often not recognized immediately and have the potential to be life-threatening. If not treated, these injuries may result in permanent kidney damage or removal of a kidney. Precise imaging is the key to preventing and detecting these situations.

Small-outer-diameter endoscopes are required for urologic and gynecological procedures. OMNIVISION’s chip-on-the-tip designs provide higher resolution and are much more cost effective than fiber optics. Utilizing ultra-small CMOS imagers is just one way that OMNIVISION remains a medical technology leader in the Urologic and Gynaecologic spaces, helping reduce potential surgical injuries and complications.

Product Solutions

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