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Brain, Eyes, Heart, and Spine

Groundbreaking CMOS Chip-on-Tip Ultra-Small Diameter Encephaloscope & Opthalmascope Solutions


Brain, Eyes, Heart, and Spine

Among the greatest challenges the medical industry faces is the threat of cross contamination due to improperly cleaned reusable endoscopes. That, coupled with pre-procedure testing, sterilization, costly repairs and device downtime, is driving the demand for single-use endoscopic solutions. And since the medical industry never ceases in its pursuit for leading-edge lifesaving technologies, OMNIVISION’s focus and dedication to providing those solutions is ahead of the curve.

Holding the record for “The Smallest Image Sensor Commercially Available,” by the Guinness Book of World Records is just one small way OMNIVISION achieves that. Working to solve potentially fatal incidents caused by cross-contamination, OMNIVISION continues to create end-to-end imaging subsystems of single-use, disposable modules for endoscopic and catheter procedures. Our CameraCubeChip™ technology offers a compact, low-cost, high image quality alternative to high-cost, glass lens based designs.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.