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Providing Clarity and Accuracy



Accuracy and clarity are the two major expectations when it comes to a scanner. Depending on the frequency and speed in which the scanner is used determines the quality of those expectations. Some scanners utilized for barcode reads still use a rolling shutter, which opens them up to scan errors and lost productivity. OMNIVISION’s Global Shutter (GS) technology eliminates those issues.

By utilizing 1-megapixel resolution within its GS image sensors, OmniPixel®3-GS technology and best-in-class near-infrared (NIR) quantum efficiency (QE), OMNIVISION is able to meet high-resolution and low-latency requirements. For this reason, OMNIVISION continues to be a leader in the global scanner industry.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.