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GS and RS Camera for Barcode Scanner

Assisting in Heightened Security, Productivity and Convenience


GS and RS Camera for Barcode Scanner

In the age of self-checkout options, the need for heightened security and increased convenience is a primary concern. Not only must the self-checkout system read a specific barcode or SKU accurately, but it must also have the capability to identify products based on its spatial, spectral and dimensional measurements. In the past this has been nearly impossible without a fully manned station.

OMNIVISION’s Global Shutter (GS) and Remote Sensing (RS) solutions allow for both security and convenience to shine without much oversight at all. Keying in on potential low light situations, GS eliminates unnecessary redundancies, while its RS solution helps assist in reducing user-error and/or product scanning inaccuracies. OMNIVISION’s aim to provide the best sensing and viewing solutions is what keeps them at the top of the IOT/Emerging technology fields.

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