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PureCel®Plus brings in advanced pixel architecture to further improve pixel sensitivity and quantum efficiency

PureCel®Plus Technology

How does it deliver best-in-class image sensor performance?

Technology Benefits

PureCel®Plus improves sensitivity, angular response, full-well capacity and reduces the noise for better SNR and higher dynamic range.

Enhancing Sensor Sensitivity
In low-light conditions, PureCel®Plus pixel technology picks up more light than previous generations by significantly enhancing sensor sensitivity and full-well capacity, which boosts low-light performance with lower SNR10 and higher dynamic range. Reducing color crosstalk further improves color reproduction.
Ultra-Compact System
In addition to improving performance, smartphone manufacturers are packing image systems into slimmer designs. OMNIVISION’s sensor angular response improvement enables this with higher chief ray angle (CRA) tolerance, allowing for low F-number lenses and a thinner camera module.

Technology Features

PureCel®Plus enhances sensor technology by introducing buried color filter array (BCFA), deep trench isolation (DTI) and more.

  • Buried Color Filter Array
    BCFA dramatically improves the tolerance in collecting the light with various incident light angles.
  • Deep Trench Isolation
    DTI reduces crosstalk by creating isolation walls between pixels inside silicon for better chief ray angle (CRA) tolerance. PureCel®Plus gen-2 introduces improved DTI for even better pixel isolation and low-light performance.
  • CMG Technology
    Composite metal grid (CMG) technology helps to increase pixel sensitivity by creating walls above the silicon surface, and further reduce pixel color crosstalk.


OMNIVISION’s PureCel® and PureCel®Plus target smartphone, mobile and notebook/PC applications.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.