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3D Machine Vision

3D Camera Computer Vision, Delivering Real-Time Information to Improve Performance


3D Machine Vision

As technology continues to evolve OMNIVISION continues to improve on groundbreaking systems. The 3D/Machine Vision Camera is just one of the many innovative technologies changing the computer market and making overall performance for users exceedingly better. This complex software utilizes image lasers and sensors to identify the accurate depth information of an object as well as its size, color, and distance between multiple points. All of this information combined allows the 3D/Machine Vision to perform with the utmost precision as it intelligently observes and interprets its environment.

From security cameras to video conferences to industrial robots, this machine uses 3D mapping to measure data from various kinds of visual inputs and take action based on those discoveries. Whether it’s a video conference with coworkers or a fun remote meet up with friends, the 3D/Machine Vision Camera can assist in background subtraction while continuing focus on the main subject so that privacy is always retained. Unlike traditional 2D/Machine Vision, 3D/Machine Vision uses multiple image sensors to find depth information. Imagine this highly advanced tool as the “eyes” of the computer as it functions rather similarly to the way humans see.

Product Solutions

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