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3D Depth Camera

Capturing an Authentic Experience Through 3D Depth-Sensing Technology


3D Depth Camera

Human connection is a necessity, but finding the time to meet in person can be challenging. With OMNIVISION’s technologically advanced computer cameras, it’s easy to interact with loved ones in a crystal-clear and seamless way while also having a multitude of innovative visual capabilities available.

This tool judges the depth and distance of a subject with the complete accuracy of highly advanced camera sensors. These high-resolution sensors perform three-dimensional range giving them the ability to receive more information from an image than the standard sensing technology. With precise distance imaging, this innovative camera will be able to assist with infinite applications that provide vivid detail for both video and photo options.

Having the ability to measure depth perception on such an advanced level, OMNIVISION’s camera is designed to follow an object while in motion so that nothing important is missed during a crucial conference call. Also, these 3D sensors ensure that anonymity is preserved as it has the potential for blurring out backgrounds while continuing to focus on the main subject in high-definition.

From work video calls to high-tech security cameras and more, the 3D Depth Camera will provide depth-mapping capabilities so that each user has a high-quality experience. Take computer meetings and augmented reality to new levels with OMNIVISION’s 3D Depth Camera.

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