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Front Facing 3D Camera

Front Facing Computer Camera – Get the “Right There” Experience No Matter Where You Are


Front Facing 3D Camera

With the innovation of OMNIVISION’s Front Facing 3D Camera, it is now possible to mimic what the human sees through depth-sensing and optical technology. From talking with a distant friend or having a team video call, each user wants a clear experience so that it appears just as it would in person. Whatever the application being used, the OMNIVISION image-sensor capabilities are sophisticated enough to handle them. The Front Facing 3D Camera precisely measures in real-time the perception of depth so that every video and image is displayed with crisp accuracy.

In the past, front-facing cameras have been only mediocre, showing up grainy with poor contrast and lacking definition. Now, users can take selfies and expect an image with high-resolution that’s perfect for posting to social media or sending to friends. Even video calls with friends and family are displayed in such superior quality that it feels like everyone is in the same room.

The camera is intuitive to use so that there is less time trying to figure it out and more time to enjoy its abilities. Whether it’s having an important virtual meeting at work, catching up with a friend that lives far away, or simply taking some fun photos, having the OMNIVISION Front Facing 3D Camera will exceed performance expectations and provide a supreme visual experience.

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