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FaceID Camera

Accurate FaceID Security and Recognition for Enhanced Security


FaceID Camera

It’s important to have security that protects each user's privacy and gives peace of mind from malware and cyber attacks when accessing the computer. That’s why using biometric facial recognition is ideal for safety measures because unlike other forms of verification, this facial method uses mathematical and dynamic patterns deeming it highly effective. Whether it’s opening a confidential file or just simply signing on, the OMNIVISION FaceID Camera is able to distinguish every user with superb precision and unlock for only those with permission.

Every face is unique which is why the FaceID Camera uses accurate sensing technology to capture each detail from all different angles. Taking the geometry and details of every face into account with high-tech sensors and a 3D Depth Camera technology, this intuitive system will provide a quick and secure authentication process. No matter the distance, the machine learning abilities are so intelligent that they can recognize a change in hair, if sunglasses are being worn, and even if it’s dark. OMNIVISION’s FaceID Camera provides an advanced level of security to each user’s device ensuring that all information is protected.

Forget trying to remember and track complicated passwords, this facial recognition technology creates a more secure user experience just by face scanning.