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Rear View Camera

Compact Back Up Camera View Design and Clear Imaging Inventiveness


Rear View Camera

Due to the amount of back-over incidents per year, global mandates are requiring vehicles to come standard with Rear-View Camera (RVC) implementation. Without full view capabilities, drivers have forever been left with the option to just “check your mirrors,” and trust that the blindspots are clear. Thankfully, image and sensing technology has evolved with that demand and OMNIVISION has been at the forefront of it since the beginning.

Rear-view and surround-view cameras stand as the largest volume application in the automotive space. With a focus on compact design and solving challenging lighting conditions over the automotive temperature range, OMNIVISION’s purposeful, inventive approach continues to allow OEMs to build-in high tech value and advanced capabilities into its products.

OMNIVISION offers a widest-range of sensor solutions for this application area. Ranging from 1MP image sensor or SoC to 3MP image sensor and covering higher performance up to 140 dB HDR + LFM. For the RVC use case products also offer Distortion Correction and Overlay capabilities. OMNIVSION can also offer a range of ASIC which complement these image sensors and can cover a range of architectures.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

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