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Occupant Monitoring System

Full Interior Sensing Solutions for Occupant Tracking


Occupant Monitoring System

While some newer vehicles come standard with specific aspects of a Driver Monitoring System (DMS), such as distracted or drowsy driver detection, some manufacturers tend to overlook the importance of the driver’s entire in-cabin environment. Be it safety, comfort, convenience or even entertainment, a lot of times the attention to detail and potential to add value oftentimes is left lacking.

Based on OMNIVISION’s long experience working with OEMs and understanding their problems it enables OMNIVISION to develop groundbreaking innovation within the automotive space, by providing the most comprehensive, advanced solutions and forward-thinking technologies. With such collaborative offerings as the world’s first dedicated driver monitoring system ASIC (automotive application-specific integrated circuit) with neural processing unit and image signal processor, OMNIVISION goes beyond the basics of safety and crosses into realms of maximum in-cabin convenience, security and personalization.

Features include alerts for when objects are left behind in the vehicle, distinguishing the difference between cargo and human occupants. Capabilities to provide security solutions via FaceID are also included. Preset comfort settings such as seat position and climate control are also initiated once the DMS recognizes the driver’s face. OMNIVISION’s RGB-Ir image sensor also offers value with high sensitivity across all in-cabin lighting conditions as well and can enable functionality like video conference calling. These features allow OEMs the ability to build in luxury value at the entry-level to the mass market.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.