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E Mirror

Delivering safety through E Sided Mirrors and detection


E Mirror

The automotive industry has never been one to shy away from new technology, especially when it comes to improving safety or adding value through enhanced capabilities. With so many literal moving parts, everything from tire pressure to vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication requires advanced sensing systems to keep customers “in the know” beyond the “check engine” light. So why should that be any different when it comes to a vehicle's mirror and viewing systems. OMNIVISION is dedicated to continuing the development of all of these systems, proving that the future is “much closer than it actually appears.”

Delivering high quality images OMNIVISION’s primary aim and inspiration when developing end-to-end sensing and viewing technologies, and E-mirror applications exist at the epicenter of just that. With high performing sensors that can run at 60fps while still delivering HDR+LFM to 140dB and optimal low light performance.

Product Solutions

OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.