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Surround View Camera

Surround View Camera System, all around imaging


Surround View Camera

Believe it or not most damage incurred by a vehicle doesn’t actually happen on the open road. In fact, the majority of reported incidents only involve a single driver. Insurance companies report that accidents involving parked, parking and backing-up vehicles are responsible for three of the top ten reasons a claim might be reported. Minor incidents such as these are a huge burden to insurance companies and are a major factor in determining overall rates.

OMNIVISION’s dedication to providing exceptional surround-view solutions to automotive OEMs is driven by both safety and value. 360-degree surround-view video requires a camera on each side of the vehicle controlled by a central processing unit to render an aerial view, helping with parking assist features and general blindspot monitoring. OMNIVISION specializes in image sensors and ISPs that capture and process high-quality images for a more natural scene reproduction, in spite of any extreme weather or lighting obstacles and over the automotive temperature range. OMNIVSION offers a widest-range of sensor solutions for this application area. Ranging from 1Mp image sensor or SOC to 3Mp image sensor and covering higher performance up to 140dB HDR+LFM. In addition OMNIVSION can also offer a range of ASIC which complement these image sensors and can cover a range of architectures.

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OMNIVISION places its customers at the leading edge of imaging technology with its commitment to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.