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Machine Vision
Machine vision applications like collision detection and road-sign recognition require accurate scene reproduction. Sensor technology must provide full scene content, regardless of light conditions. OmniVision’s LFM + HDR Solution and low-light performance address these critical issues.

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Driver Monitoring
Driver-monitoring applications such as distracted or drowsy driver detection typically use global shutter sensors that are highly sensitive to near-infrared light and compact enough to be hidden behind vehicle trim. OmniVision’s sensors are designed to meet these requirements.

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Display-Based Image Systems
Display-based image systems such as rear-view, surround-view systems and e-mirror require spectacular image quality. By combining industry-leading BSI technology for superior low-light performance, HDR technology and companion ASICs, OmniVision can enable cost-effective display-based systems.

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Surround-View Video
360-degree surround-view video requires a camera on each side of the vehicle controlled by a central processing unit to render an aerial view. OmniVision specializes in image sensors and ISPs that capture and process high-quality images for a more natural scene reproduction.

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Autonomous Vehicle Systems
Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles are based on a fusion of sensing technologies, including high-resolution cameras, radar, LIDAR and V2V communication. OmniVision is helping to shape this new frontier with its best-in-class pixel technologies.

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