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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events
By 2020, the number of automotive image sensors sold annually will exceed 170 million, fueled by a revolution in how we commute. Cars are no longer the mechanical modes of transportation; they now contain a plethora of electronic content that turns them into entertainment and information centers connected to the outside world.

As a result, driver distraction is on the rise, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming mainstream. Semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles are not far off on the horizon.

Vision systems are at the heart of ADAS, powered by major technological advancements in CMOS image sensors. These include camera-enabled systems for automatic emergency braking, autonomous driving, video mirror, rear view, 360-degree surround view and driver monitoring.
Machine Vision and Display Based Applications

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Automotive Interior Sensing
Committed to Functional Safety
OmniVision recognizes that fail-safe systems are paramount for automotive products. As such, OmniVision has integrated a culture of safety into every phase of its products, from concept to end of life, to meet the requirements for ISO 26262 compliance. Industry-leading safety mechanisms are built into our latest generations to ensure overall system health. OmniVision has invested significantly in developing new and innovative safety mechanisms for future products.
Commitment to Quality
OmniVision conducts the most rigorous testing procedures on all its sensors to ensure they meet the highest-quality performance and reliability standards. In addition, all OmniVision automotive products meet the full AEC-Q100 qualification.
OmniVision’s advanced image-system solutions targeting automotive applications include: