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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events
Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), drones and robots are high-growth markets driven by the education, entertainment, tourism, fitness and gaming industries. VR devices immerse users in a completely virtual environment through sight and sound to make them feel like they are somewhere else entirely.
Alternatively, AR supplements the real world with intelligent information by digitally enhancing real environments with, for example, computer-generated images to make them more interactive and meaningful to the user, such as 3D maps or scores and plays overlaid on sports telecasts.

Both AR and VR devices are positioned for high growth with expectations similar to those of the smartphone. Achieving such growth will require the devices to become smaller, more compact and even fashionable.
Technology Leaders

  • Drones are remote-controlled aircraft that can be equipped with advanced imaging technologies, which allow them to perform various functions, such as aerial photography and videography. High-end consumer drones can incorporate crash avoidance and excellent aerial photography capabilities.
  • While personal robotics systems currently perform single functions, such as vacuuming, the future is bright for multi-use robots. OmniVision provides image sensors, image signal processing (ISP) and wafer-level packaging technologies designed to meet the specific needs of all these applications.