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SLAM Mapping Technology

Dynamic and Intelligent SLAM Mapping Technology Solutions


SLAM Mapping Technology

Up until recently, Rooba devices have relied on a somewhat elementary approach to navigation. Using sensors to change direction when faced with an obstacle, it would move randomly, to eventually complete its task. This does technically fulfill the objective, however, it wasn’t very dynamic or intelligent.

In the world of AI, one cannot underestimate how far SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) has come. One of the most important elements within a SLAM system is its ability to produce clear, precise imaging in order to provide optimal mapping outcomes. OmniVision’s use of global shutter (GS) technology helps provide that within Augmented Reality (AR) spaces like a home.

Precision through clarity is always the main objective of any imaging or sensing solution that OmniVision produces. Using high-speed GS image sensors, OmniVision is able to offer 1-megapixel resolution imaging to the AR market. The GS technology allows greater clarity and accuracy by eliminating image artifacts and improving low-light sensitivity within SLAM applications.

Product Solutions

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