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OMNIVISION’s OX01D10 is the next-generation 1MP image sensor for automotive viewing applications. The low-power consumption sensor enables rear-view and surround-view cameras with excellent image quality and more scene details via best-in-class resolution and high dynamic range of 110 dB in LFM mode. The image sensor brings together split pixel and dual conversion gain (DCG) technology, delivering motion free high dynamic range HDR to 120 dB and LED flicker mitigation (LFM). These features increase driver safety because more scene details can be captured by rear-view and surround-view cameras while operating over the full automotive temperature range, delivering excellent image quality in demanding lighting conditions, objects in motion, and LED signs/headlights.

The OX01D10 enables the industry’s smallest and most power-efficient viewing camera modules by consuming less than 200 mW at the full 30 fps and providing the highest resolution in a 1/4-inch optical format. Additionally, the sensor has an advanced set of safety mechanisms to enable advanced ASIL features and HDR of 120 dB without LFM. It is AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certified for automotive applications and samples and evaluation kits are available now.