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Nyxel® Technology Generation2
Nyxel® Technology Generation2 – How it works?
QE for Nyxel® 2
Nyxel® 2 further refines OmniVision’s revolutionary pixel architectures and processes to achieve new records for quantum efficiency in near-infrared (NIR) imaging while overcoming other challenges.
  • Thicker Silicon Pixel Architecture
    Building on its successful first-generation technology, Nyxel® 2 further increases the silicon thickness to improve NIR imaging sensitivity by up to 25% at 940nm.
  • Extended Deep Trench Isolation
    Extended DTI solves the cross-talk issue while retaining the modulation transfer function (MTF) levels of the first generation Nyxel® technology, without affecting the dark current.
  • Re-optimized Scattering Layer
    With wafer surface texture refinement, the proprietary Nyxel® scattering layer is now re-optimized to improve the extended photon path and increase the photon-to-electron conversion.

Nyxel® 2 provides higher quality image capture, greater detection range and even lower light-source power requirements, enabling OmniVision’s image sensors to see even better and farther while extending battery life.
Higher Quality Images
Nyxel® 2 technology sets new industry record with quantum efficiency of 70% @ 850nm, and 50% @ 940nm*, enabling more accurate image data capturing with more details for a wide range of machine vision and night vision applications, along with many other use cases including driver state monitoring and under-display sensing for mobile devices.

Greater Image Detection Range
With brighter NIR imaging, Nyxel® 2 infused products are able to increase the distance of surveillance monitoring, detecting objects sooner and offering more reaction time for AI security systems and human operators.

Fewer LEDs, Longer Battery Life
By optimizing near-infrared sensitivity, Nyxel® 2 image sensors require fewer IR LEDs, enabling machine vision designers to extend battery life and create more compact form factors while lowering system cost.

Nyxel® 2 technology expands NIR imaging performance and enables emerging applications with additional capabilities.