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OMNIVISION Unveils Automotive Industry’s First 5MP RGB-IR Global Shutter Sensor for In-Cabin Monitoring Systems
Jan 05, 2022
OX05B1S Driver Monitoring and In-Cabin Monitoring

Launched at CES 2022, the new OX05B1S has the smallest 2.2-micron pixel with the highest NIR sensitivity and enables simultaneous driver and occupant monitoring, reducing complexity, space, power and cost

LAS VEGAS — January 5, 2022 — OMNIVISION, a leading global developer of semiconductor solutions, including advanced digital imaging, analog and touch & display technology, today announced at CES the latest addition to its groundbreaking Nyxel® near-infrared (NIR) technology family―the new OX05B1S is the automotive industry’s first 5 megapixel (MP) RGB-IR BSI global shutter sensor for in-cabin monitoring systems (IMS). With a pixel size of just 2.2 µm, it offers 940 nm NIR sensitivity for the best performance in extremely low light conditions; it has a wide field of view and enough pixels to view both the driver and occupants. Additionally, it is the first RGB-IR sensor for in-cabin monitoring to feature integrated cybersecurity.

According to Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research, “The DMS sector represents a huge growth opportunity for in-cabin cameras, with almost all automotive OEM nominations still to be decided. Based on OMNIVISION’s revolutionary Nyxel® NIR technology, the new OX05B1S brings dramatically improved resolution as well as overall enhanced efficiency and design flexibility to automotive OEMs seeking high performance operation across the full spectrum of lighting conditions.”

“The automotive industry can now transition from 1 and 2MP to 5MP with our new RGB-IR BSI global shutter sensor, and they only need one camera instead of two for simultaneous driver and occupant monitoring systems, reducing complexity, cost and space,” said Andy Hanvey, director of automotive marketing at OMNIVISION. “We anticipate high demand for the OX05B1S and have already been awarded OEM projects. Most importantly, we developed it with strong ecosystem partner support, working with companies such as Seeing Machines, to enable a complete, seamless solution for automotive OEMs.”

Based on OMNIVISION’s revolutionary Nyxel® NIR technology, the new OX05B1S brings dramatically improved resolution as well as overall enhanced efficiency and design flexibility to automotive OEMs. Nyxel® technology uses novel silicon semiconductor architectures and processes to achieve the world’s best quantum efficiency (QE) at the 940 nm NIR wavelength. The OX05B1S has the industry’s highest NIR QE at 36% (a 3x boost from 12% in the previous generation). This enables the OX05B1S to detect and recognize objects that other image sensors would miss under extremely low lighting conditions, enabling higher-performance in-cabin camera capabilities for improved occupant and driver monitoring, security, selfies, videoconferencing and more.

The sensor comes in an OMNIVISION stacked a‑CSP™ package that is 50% smaller than competitive products and allows for higher-performance image sensors in tighter camera spaces. It is also available in a reconstructed wafer option for designers who want the flexibility to customize their own package.

The OX05B1S has an “always on” optional feature. Samples of the new OX05B1S are available now and the sensors will be available in mass production in Q1 2023. The OX05B1S will be demonstrated at OMNIVISION’s CES virtual meeting room January 5‑8, 2022. For more information, contact your OMNIVISION sales representative: or schedule a virtual meeting during CES 2022: To learn more about OMNIVISION’s dedication to creating “industry firsts,” read here.


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