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OMNIVISION’s New Family of 13‑Megapixel PureCel®Plus‑S Sensors Brings Advanced Imaging to Next-Generation Smartphones
Jun 26, 2017
OV13A10 High-Performance 13-Megapixel PureCel®Plus-S Image Sensor Optimized for Dual-Camera Smartphone Applications

New OV13A10 and OV13A1Q Sensors Offer Optimized Dual Cam and ‘Super Selfie’ Capabilities for Smartphones with Edgeless Displays

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — JUNE 26, 2017— OMNIVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced the OV13A10 and OV13A1Q, a new family of 13-megapixel PureCel®Plus‑S stacked-die sensors. Built on OMNIVISION’s second-generation PureCel®Plus 1.0‑micron pixel technology, the new sensors capture stunning images and bring a host of advanced capabilities such as high-resolution photography, “super selfies,” and 2x optical zoom to front- and rear-facing camera applications in mainstream smartphones. “Edgeless displays in a 18:9 aspect ratio are the latest trend in smartphones, but this trend presents considerable design challenges due to the tight space constraints. The OV13A1Q is designed to meet the compact form factor requirements of a 13‑megapixel camera module while providing high quality images and video in low-light conditions,” said Leland Tsai, senior product marketing manager at OMNIVISION. “To enable dual camera configurations, the OV13A10 can be paired with our 12‑megapixel OV12A10 image sensor to deliver up to 2x optical zoom, resulting in an imaging experience that consumers have grown accustomed to through the use of DSLR cameras.”

The OV13A10 is a telephoto sensor designed specifically for dual-camera applications. The sensor allows for a small form factor module design that achieves a z‑height of less than 6 mm, and features zig-zag high dynamic range (zHDR) and phase detection autofocus (PDAF). A customized chief ray angle (CRA) enables the OV13A10 to be used as a tele-sensor in a 2x optical zoom camera configuration. The OV13A10 is also optimized for dual-camera zoom solutions, with features such as context switching and frame synchronizing to simplify camera system architecture.

The OV13A1Q combines the benefits of OMNIVISION’s second-generation, 1.0‑micron PureCel®Plus‑S technology with an advanced 4‑cell mode with in-pixel binning to greatly enhance sensitivity for low-light selfie capture. OMNIVISION also provides an advanced recovery software library for industry leading mobile platforms that enables full resolution mode for high-quality 13‑megapixel image capture. With these advanced capabilities, the OV13A1Q is an ideal imaging solution for “super selfie” cameras in high-end smartphone devices.

Both sensors leverage OMNIVISION’s zHDR technology and PDAF, which extends the sensors’ dynamic range capabilities and enables snap-quick autofocus, respectively. Using a long and short exposure in a single frame, zHDR enables live preview and video recording in HDR mode, as well as single-shot, full-resolution HDR images in capture mode without shutter lag. OMNIVISION’s PDAF is considerably faster and more accurate than conventional contrast detection autofocus systems, ensuring crisp and clear images in a wide range of lighting conditions.

The OV13A10 and OV13A1Q are currently available for sampling and are expected to enter volume production in the fourth quarter of 2017.


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