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High-Definition Gastrointestinal and Surgical Procedures
Gastrointestinal and surgical procedures require HD stereo imaging to obtain high-quality images with a sense of depth. OmniVision’s dual-sensor solutions deliver high-resolution images with excellent low-light sensitivity, high image quality and low power consumption.

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Imaging for Ultra-Small Devices
Neurological, ophthalmic, cardiac, spinal, urologic and gynecologic imaging procedures require small-outer-diameter endoscopes. OmniVision’s ultra-small CMOS imagers allow chip-on-the-tip designs with higher resolution, better image quality and lower cost than fiber optics.

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Single-Use Camera Module Technology
Cross-contamination, costly repairs, pre-procedure testing, sterilization and reusable-device downtime are driving the trend toward single-use endoscopes. OmniVision’s CameraCubeChip™ offers a compact, low-cost, high image quality alternative to glass lens based designs.

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Image Signal Processor Solutions
OmniVision’s OVMed® ISP is a cost-effective, optimized image signal processor (ISP) solution that provides customers with a quick time-to-market option in a compact, configurable, low-power design form factor that integrates easily into the customer’s system.

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Intubation with a Laryngoscope
Equipping laryngoscopes for intubation with illumination and a miniaturized camera allows for less traumatic procedures. OmniVision’s cost-effective, compact, 720p HD sensor wafer-level camera module features specially designed optics for optimal endotracheal-tube insertion.

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