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The medical markets for endoscopy imaging solutions are growing rapidly, driven by a need for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, socioeconomic trends such as an aging population, and rising medical costs that are pushing procedures back into the physician’s office. Single-use endoscopes and catheters can have advantages over reuseable devices that can have sterilization issues.
Technological advances, such as OmniVision’s CMOS Chip-on-the-Tip technology, are enabling visualization of “blind” procedures. As a result, the market for these single-use endoscopes and catheters will experience double-digit growth rates for the foreseeable future.
Technology Leaders

  • With a comprehensive, market-proven product portfolio, OmniVision is the top CMOS sensor provider to the global medical market. It is well-positioned to capture a large share of this market due to initiatives focused on expanding its product portfolio and tapping into adjacent markets, such as industrial and veterinary.
  • To ease integration, reduce cost and speed up market adoption, OmniVision, along with its partners, offers complete end-to-end turnkey imaging solutions, including lenses, camera modules, illumination, cabling and back end image signal processing (ISP), wireless transmission and reference designs.