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DMS: Innovation Forwarded - Partnerships Deepened with the OAX4600

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OMNIVISION continues to speak the language of OEMs with its latest innovative contribution; the OAX4600 AI-enabled application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Extending the boundaries of efficiency, power consumption and space-saving versatility, OMNIVISION’s recent offering proves to be the automotive industry’s most robust integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP) and Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for simultaneous Driver Monitoring Systems/Occupant Monitoring Systems (DMS/OMS) to date.

By using a stacked-die architecture to provide integrated RGB‑IR image signal processing (ISP) with two AI neural processing units (NPUs) and embedded DDR3 memory (2 Gb) in a single low power, small package chip, the OAX4600 works seamlessly and simultaneously to power dedicated driver and occupant monitoring systems (DMS/OMS). 

With OEMs constantly being faced to comply with regional safety regulations and technology trends, OMNIVISION’s OAX4600 demonstrates the flexibility needed to answer the call. Providing low power, high performance compact driver/occupant monitoring solutions is alluring to the ever changing and expanding demands of the automotive industry. Setting out to transform the automotive industry, the OAX4600 was uniquely developed with the aim of providing OEMs with the flexibility to place the camera at any location within the car, hurdling over the common attachment and placement dilemma that they often face. 

With the capability to ensure latency-free image processing, including cases of low-light scenarios that depend on RGB-IR technology, OMNIVISION’s ISP processing technology, coupled with a dedicated NPU and ASIL B functional safety at top of mind, the innovation game has once again been changed. Capabilities also include higher resolution processing of up to 5 megapixels and has also eliminated any delay between ignition and interior camera activation or any integrated cybersecurity features. OMNIVISION has simply “done it again,” solidifying its places as an innovative leader within the automotive space.

Another important intersection for the OAX4600 is the collaboration with OMNIVISION’s ecosystem vendor and Australia based, Seeing Machines. Seeing Machines is an industry leader in vision-based monitoring technology that enables machines to see, understand and assist people. This recent solution couples OMNIVISION’s exclusive image signal processing technology with Seeing Machines’ industry-leading Occula® neural processing unit, providing OEMs a dynamic, cost-effective DMS/OMS solution, while heightening both cybersecurity and power efficiency.  

To take a deeper dive into the importance of OMNIVISION and Seeing Machines’ latest partnership, read the full press release here:

OMNIVISION and Seeing Machines Develop World First ASIC with Integrated ISP and Occula® NPU Optimized for Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems

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