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AutoSense 2022 Keynote: Dr. Boyd Fowler reviews the key technical challenges of developing exterior cameras

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The one thing that can always be counted on within the automotive market is technological change. Whether adapting to global governmental regulations and mandates or the simple push for innovation, every industry surrounding this market must be ready, willing and able to perform. OEMs are always scouting to find the right solutions from trusted manufacturers and OMNIVISION has proudly been able to answer that call since 1995.

As Lead Sponsor at AutoSens 2022 in Detroit earlier this year, OMNIVISION seized the opportunity to display many new advancements and project future solutions to automotive OEMs from all over the world. Heading that charge was OMNIVISION’s own CTO, Dr. Boyd Fowler. Not only did Dr. Fowler present the current hurdles of industry demands, but he also outlined how OMNIVISION will continue to provide innovative solutions to overcome them. 

Dr. Fowler also discussed how to meet customer requirements in an ever-changing exterior automotive space, which is currently facing exponential growth with both human and machine vision technology. This growth demands that image sensor manufacturers solve complex problems on the fly. At times, some of the requirements are conflicting, which cause manufacturers to make compromises based on cost, size and market implementation. Dr. Fowler outlined issues concerning high dynamic range image capture, LED flicker mitigation, low-light sensitivity, high temperature operation and cyber security. 

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