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OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology enables our sensors to utilize IR image data with keeping high-quality color image capture.
  • Color Filter Process
    OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology incorporates advanced proprietary color filter process that improves color fidelity.
  • Pattern Flexibility
    Depending on the application requirements, RGB-Ir technology’s extended flexibility accommodates 2×2 or 4×4 array patterning consist of 25% of its array to IR and 75% to RGB to capture RGB and IR images in one sensor.
  • RGB-Ir Processing
    We provide a dedicated RGB-Ir image processor and a companion ISP chip that extracts RGB and IR information separately.

RGB-Ir technology enables normal image capture from the same device for biometric authentication, gesture detection, etc.
Day and Night Vision in One Sensor
OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology’s ability to capture both RGB and IR images in one device allows for both day and night vision capabilities, making it the ideal choice for today’s battery-operated security cameras for smart-home systems.

Enables Biometric Authentication
Today's mobile devices, PCs and notebooks are life hubs requiring high level of access security. The advanced infrared sensitivity of OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology enables facial and gesture recognition.

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OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology targets smartphone, surveillance and PC/notebook applications.