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The WL2864C is a 7-Ch integrated LDOs for camera sensor applications include 2-Ch DVDD, 2-Ch AVDD, 1-Ch VDDIO, 1-Ch VDDAF, 1-Ch VDDOIS. With 400 KHz high speed I2C interface, the function setting is flexible such as power sequence, output voltage, output discharge, current limit per channel. The chip enable control support EN pin control and I2C control.

Due to high load current and lower working voltage of DVDD, WL2864C used N-MOSFET LDO architecture without charge pump for 2-Ch DVDD LDO. DVDD LDO input source is VIN1 and VIN2 is the bias voltage. Ultra low dropout voltage (Typ. 75 mV @ 0.5A Load) of DVDD LDOs is designed for high efficiency and lower power dissipation purpose. For other 5-Ch LDOs (AVDD, VDDIO, VDDAF, VDDOIS), WL2864C used P-MOSFET LDO architecture. The input source is VIN2. Due to high performance requirement of AVDD, WL2864C’s AVDD used special circuit design and optimized pin assignment which is easy for system PCB layout.

Highly integrated, small package size is also very suitable for smart phone applications. WL2864C is available in 1.6 x 1.6 mm 16 ball wafer level chip scale package. Standard products are Pb-free and halogen-free.

- Smart Phone
- IP Camera
- Camera Module


VIN1 input voltage range:

LDO1/2 output voltage range:

LDO1/2 dropout voltage:
75 mV @ 0.5A

LDO1/2 output current:
600 mA Max.

VIN2 input voltage range:

Other LDO output voltage range:

Other LDO dropout voltage:
See EC table

Other LDO output current:
See EC table

92 dB

AVDD LDO output noise:
15 µV

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
WL2864C-16/TR N/A CSP-16L