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The OV426 is a single chip solution for small medical image sensors like the OV6946 and OV6948. The OV426 provides an integrated analog-to-digital data conversion using a built-in A/D converter (ADC), black level calibration (BLC), AEC/AGC and a final digital video parallel output (DVP). The OV426 supports a standard SCCB interface to communicate with the system and manipulate the above mentioned functions.

During operation, the OV426 decodes the proprietary analog output from the OV6946 and digitizes it by an ADC. The generated digital signals will then be processed by a digital signal processor (DSP) and finally, standard DVP outputs are sent out.


Complete imaging front-end solution

400 x 400 at 30 fps

Support for the following ISP functions:

Analog input

Support for:
- SCCB control
- 10-bit DVP data output
- SPI master

Flexible input clock

External system clock or independent crystal; internal PLL

Low voltage operation

6 x 6 mm to fit into handle or at back-end, near ISP in medical endoscope and other video devices

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
Part Specification
DescriptionSensor bridge ASIC for OV6946 and OV6948 to covert analog output to digital and provide basic ISP functions
Key FeaturesSCCB control
Low Voltage
Black Level Calibration
Auto gain / auto exposure / manual white balance
Target SolutionsWearables
Package Type64-pin BGA
Max Frame Rate400 x 400 @ 30 fps
Output Interface10-bit DVP
Input InterfaceAnalog
Product GuidePDF