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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events

OmniVision's OV2311 is the automotive industry's first 2-megapixel, 3 µm global shutter image sensor designed for driver monitoring applications. Leveraging proven OmniPixel®3-GS global shutter technology and near-infrared imaging capabilities, the OV2311 offers semi-autonomous vehicle manufacturers a high-performance, cost-effective, AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified imaging solution. The sensor provides advanced ASIL safety features for driver monitoring systems.

The sensor captures high-quality video up to 60 frames per second (fps) in a 1600 x 1300 resolution format, which is designed to fit the driver's head box to ensure reliable monitoring regardless of driver height, seat position, or vehicle cockpit design. Due to the sensor's high resolution, the OV2311 offers exceptionally accurate gaze- and eye-tracking capabilities. The OV2311 achieves high near-infrared quantum efficiency to minimize active illumination power and reduce the system power requirements.

The OV2311 comes in an ultra-compact automotive chip-scale package (a-CSP™), which allows it to be discreetly designed into the cockpit of the vehicle. The sensor supports a 4-lane MIPI and 12-bit double-data-rate digital video port (DVP) interface.

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3 µm x 3 µm pixel with OmniPixel®3-GS technology

Automatic black level calibration (ABLC)

Programmable controls for:
- Frame rate
- Mirror and flip
- Cropping
- Windowing

Support output formats: 8/10-bit RAW

Fast mode switching

Supports 2x2 monochrome binning

Two-lane MIPI serial output interface

DVP parallel output interface

Built-in strobe control

Supports horizontal and vertical 2:1 monochrome subsampling

Support for image sizes:
- 1600 x 1300
- 1280 x 720
- 640 x 480

Embedded 128 bytes of one-time programmable (OTP) memory

Two on-chip phase lock loops (PLLs)

Temperature sensor


Low power modes

Frame sync mode

Dedicated safety features for supporting minimum ASIL B applications

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
Part Specification
Shutter TypeGlobal Shutter
CFA (Chroma)B&W
Analog / DigitalDigital
Power RequirementStandby: 130 µW
Active: 190 mW
Output FormatRAW
Operating Temperature-40°C to +105°C
Optical Format1/2.9"
Frame RateFull @ 60 fps
Pixel Size3.0 µm
Image Area4857.7 x 3955.9 µm
Product GuidePDF