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OMNIVISION’s OV9738 is a 1/9 inch, 1.4 micron RGB-Ir image sensor that combines RGB and infrared (IR) imaging capabilities in a single chip for improved performance at lower system cost. Leveraging OMNIVISION’s PureCel®Plus technology, the OV9738 reduces color crosstalk to capture high-quality color images and video.

This single-chip solution makes biometric authentication applications such as Windows® Hello affordable for a broader range of devices because it only requires a single camera. The sensor is ideally suited for bringing IR biometric capabilities for facial recognition and gesture tracking to mainstream laptops and handheld consumer-electronic devices.

The OV9738 offers 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. Additionally, it includes OMNIVISION’s industry-leading RGB-Ir technology for improved quantum-efficiency performance in near-IR light, which can help reduce LED power consumption. At the same time, the OV9738 uses PureCel®Plus technology to reduce color crosstalk, which helps provide the best possible color-reproduction quality.

This sensor is available in chip on board (COB) and reconstructed wafer (RW) formats.