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OmniVision’s OAH0428 is a single companion chip solution that provides an integrated analog to digital conversion and limited ISP functionality including Auto White Balance (AWB), Auto Gain Control (AGC) and Auto Exposure Control (AEC), Staggered HDR and multi-frame HDR. The OAH0428 can accept 4-wire digital input, MIPI input as well as 4-wire analog input and convert it to DVP or MIPI output for signal processing. While converting the signal, it also provides image clean-up, image resizing and manipulations including frame rate control, mirroring and flipping.

The OAH0428 can interface with the MIPI output from OmniVision’s OH08A, OH08B, OH02A, OH01A, or the 4-wire digital / analog output from OH0FA, OV6946, OH0TA, OV6948 and convert it to a MIPI / DVP signal.

In addition, the OAH0428 supports standard SCCB control, analog, Bayer RGB, and RAW analog inputs. During the operation, the input signals from the image sensors are digitized by and ADC and then processed by a digital signal processor (DSP) and finally standard MIPI / DVP outputs are sent out.

November 3, 2021: OMNIVISION Announces Industry’s Highest-Resolution Image Sensor for ENT, Cardiac, Arthro, OB-GYN and Utero-Renal Endoscopes