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Join us at AutoSens Brussels 2021
What is RGB-Ir?
Traditional CMOS image censor employs Bayer format as color filter array. This format allows each pixel of the CMOS sensor to be excited by a specified wavelength of light, which includes color and infra-red.

While RGB-Ir technology enables infra-red only light to be passed to the IR pixel. In the RGB-Ir CFA format, several pixels had been converted to IR pixels. And the IR pixels are sensitive only to infra-red light

Benefits and Applications
OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology’s ability to capture both RGB and IR images in one device allows for both day and night vision capabilities, making it the ideal choice for today’s battery-operated security cameras for smart-home systems.

Today's mobile devices, PCs and notebooks are life hubs requiring high level of access security. The advanced infrared sensitivity of OmniVision’s RGB-Ir technology enables facial and gesture recognition.

What is needed to obtain both visible and IR images with RGB-Ir image sensor? (Optics’ side)
Dual band-pass filter
  • For good color accuracy
Dual focal lens

What is needed to obtain both visible and IR images with RGB-Ir image sensor? (ISP’s side)
A companion ISP is needed to extract RGB and IR information separately
  • Extract IR image by interpolating sensor’s R, G, B and IR signal from pixels next to it.
  • Extract RGB image using the below formulas
    R’ = R – x*IR
    G’ = G - x*IR
    B’ = B - x*IR
    And R’G’B’ image is done
    *x is pre-calibrated IR removal coefficient