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OMNIVISION Announces Higher-Resolution Global Shutter Image Sensors for Facial Authentication in Smartphones and Machine Vision
Jul 09, 2018

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — July 9th, 2018 — OMNIVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced its newest global shutter image sensors targeting facial authentication in mobile devices, along with other machine vision applications such as AR/VR, drones and robotics. The high-resolution OV9286 sensor, with 20% more pixels than the previous-generation sensor, enables a new level of accuracy in facial authentication for smartphone applications requiring the highest levels of security. The OV9286 is optimized for payment-level facial authentication using a structured light solution for high-quality 3D images.

The market for facial recognition components is expected to grow rapidly to $9.2 billion by 2022, according to a report from Allied Market Research. It found that the greatest opportunity is in 3D facial recognition and authentication. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for more functions, including mobile banking and paying by phone, and want to pay quickly and securely without having to remember a password.

Smartphone manufacturers are responding to these use cases by incorporating facial authentication with 3D mapping into their devices, as this technology provides a better user experience than fingerprint authentication. However, devices need image sensors with higher resolution and image optimization that can work in conjunction with the latest algorithms in order to advance facial authentication from mere device unlocking to password-free mobile payment authorization.

“A higher level of image-sensing accuracy is required to safely authenticate smartphones for payment applications, compared to using facial authentication for unlocking a device,” said Arun Jayaseelan, senior marketing manager at OMNIVISION. “The increased resolution of the OV9286 image sensor meets these requirements, while using the global shutter technology to optimize system power consumption as well as to eliminate motion artifacts and blurring.”

The OV9286 can also be used for other biometric authentication applications. For example, it can be used to combine facial authentication with fingerprint ID for even higher security. Additionally, it is well suited for computer vision applications such as gesture control, SLAM and 3D mapping.

The sensor is available in two versions: the OV9286 for smartphone applications, and the OV9285 for other machine vision applications that also need high-resolution sensors to enable a broad range of image-sensing functions. The OV9286 has a high chief ray angle (CRA) of 26.7 degrees, enabling low z-height and allowing slim-profile smartphone designs. The OV9285 has a lower CRA of 9 degrees for applications where that tight z-height restriction does not apply, supporting wide field-of-view lens designs.

Both the OV9285 and the OV9286 incorporate 1328 x 1120 resolution at 90 frames per second (fps), an optical format of 1/3.5-inch and 3×3-micrometer OmniPixel®3-GS technology. These global shutter sensors, in combination with excellent NIR sensitivity at 850 nm and 940 nm, reduce device power consumption to extend battery life.

OMNIVISION continues to leverage its longstanding partnerships with the leading module and algorithm providers to create complete solutions that speed the development of systems using these new OV9286 and OV9285 image sensors, enabling OEMs to get new products to market quickly.

The OV9285 and OV9286 sensors are available now. For more information, product samples or a demonstration, please contact your OMNIVISION sales representative.


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