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OMNIVISION and BioVision Announce Turnkey Medical CMOS Camera Platform for Disposable, In-Office Endoscopy
Jun 12, 2018

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — JUNE 12, 2018 — OMNIVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, in collaboration with BioVision Technologies, today announced from MD&M East in NYC the IEC 60601-compliant MicroCam Touch™, a standalone medical CMOS camera platform for disposable, in-office endoscopy. This platform features disposable, lightweight endoscopic handpieces that incorporate OMNIVISION’s ultra-compact OVM6946 and OVM6948 CameraCubeChip® medical image sensor camera modules with wafer-level optics. The handpieces also have an integrated light source and optional working channel. This turnkey system is ideal for in-office medical procedures that require disposable endoscopes and catheters, including OBGYN, ear-nose-throat (ENT), arthroscopy and urology applications.

In-office endoscopy and catheterization is becoming more popular as the healthcare industry trends toward point-of-care diagnosis and treatment to reduce costly and delayed hospital visits. This trend, in turn, is driving the need for low-cost, high-quality imaging, as well as the ease of use and time savings of disposable handhelds, which do not require cleaning between patients.

This new platform includes video capture, overlay of patient details, an easy-to-use GUI and external storage. The MicroCam Touch camera control unit is compatible with a wide variety of standard or custom disposable handpieces, allowing doctors to perform many types of in-office procedures. It also includes a high-definition multimedia interface output, for connecting to larger monitors.

“By combining our ultra-compact, high-quality CMOS medical camera modules with BioVision’s hardware and software, we are leading the way for the next generation of in-office, disposable endoscopic imaging,” said Tehzeeb Gunja, principal marketing and business development manager at OMNIVISION. “Our jointly developed system is a customizable and complete turnkey endoscopic solution that is IEC 60601-compliant, which reduces the risk for medical device manufacturers and allows them to get to market quickly.”

OMNIVISION’s OVM6948, the world smallest medical camera module at 0.58 x 0.58 mm, can be incorporated into handpieces like BioVision’s where size is the limiting factor. It includes a CMOS image sensor and built-in wafer-level lens, featuring the OmniBSI+™ pixel architecture with best-in-class image quality of 200 x 200 resolution at 30 frames per second. Applications that need higher resolution can use the OVM6946, a compact (1 x 1 mm) camera module with 400 x 400 resolution. Both camera modules consume very little power, enabling cooler endoscope and catheter distal tips for greater patient comfort.

The OVM6948 and OVM6946 are also tested for bio-compatibility and can be sterilized for disposable devices.

“It would cost medical device companies a considerable amount of money and a number of years to design, develop and certify a similar medical camera system,” said David Sanso, president of BioVision. “Our FDA-approved, state-of-the-art platform works with OMNIVISION’s smallest, high-resolution medical camera modules, providing state-of-the-art features and excellent image quality, to bring endoscopic products to market quickly and at a fraction of the cost.”

The MicroCam Touch is sampling now, with mass production expected in Q3 or Q4 of 2018. It will be demonstrated this week at OMNIVISION’s Booth #1563, during MD&M East in NYC, June 12-14, 2018. For more information or to request FDA-certified products customized for your application, contact your OMNIVISION sales representative.

About BioVision

BioVision Technologies, LLC was established in 2003 and is the original developer of disposable scopes for in-office arthroscopy and in-office TMJ procedures. Our expertise also extends into disposable catheter systems with specific emphasis on epidural and sinus procedures. With the recent development of our new medical CMOS technology, BioVision is uniquely positioned to get you to market quickly so you can realize your imaging goals. For more information, visit


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