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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events

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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events

Date and Time
April 12-16, 2021
NVIDIA GTC Online Platform
Join us to explore our latest automotive viewing and sensing solutions enabled by OmniVision’s award-winning CMOS technologies on the NVIDIA DRIVE Platform, and see how the collaboration addresses the challenges inside and outside of the vehicles, accelerating for the next-gen automotive applications including ADAS, AD, SVS and DMS.


GTC is the state-of-the-art global conference hosted by the industry pioneer NVIDIA for innovators, technologists, and creatives. The conference is packed with keynotes, panel discussions, trainings, and workshops diving deep into the breakthroughs in a wide range of industrial and technological fields, including AI, data center, graphics, accelerated computing, healthcare, intelligent networking, automotive, game development, etc.

We’re excited to join our partner NVIDIA for the GTC event, in mind to transform today’s industries and invent the future together.

Technical Talk

Automotive staff marketing manager, Dr. Paul Wu will be demonstrating the latest automotive CMOS imaging solutions on NVIDIA’s AGX DRIVE Platform, including:

Paul Wu
Staff Marketing Manager - Automotive

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