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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events

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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events

Date and Time
November 16-19, 2020
OmniVision Exhibition Space at virtual Medica / CompaMed

Join the world’s largest medical CMOS sensor manufacturer, OmniVision Technologies, at the virtual Medica / CompaMed 2020 to explore the latest CMOS medical imaging innovations: from the world’s smallest sensor to turnkey imaging solutions including ISP and cable offerings, all in the comfort of your chosen location. Waiting for you are daily live product and technology demos, technical Q&A discussions, private meeting opportunities, quiz and prizes, look forward to connecting with you!

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Live Web Session – Excellence in Medical Imaging

Each day at 10:40am-11:10am CET, Tehzeeb Gunja, head of medical marketing at OmniVision, will walk you through the latest medical imaging market trends, solutions by the technological breakthroughs, address challenges in driving towards single use and minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, and exploring partnership opportunities with the world-leading medical imaging provider.

Pick a day of your convenience below to attend:

Nov.16th 10:40am-11:10am CET

Nov.17th 10:40am-11:10am CET

Nov.18th 10:40am-11:10am CET

Nov.19th 10:40am-11:10am CET

Tehzeeb Gunja
Director of Medical Marketing

Demo Video Arena: Latest Medical Demo

Introducing industry-leading performance of OmniVision’s medical product portfolio, and how product miniaturization is enabling minimal invasive and single use procedures in wide ranges of medical applications.

  • Turnkey medical imaging solutions (CameraCubeChip™ + cable + ISP) with exceptional image quality
  • Beyond visible light spectrum — RGB-IR technology in Medical
  • Ultra-small size, super-resolution imaging — a joint solution with Almalence
  • How to utilize OmniVision’s comprehensive global ecosystem and create win-win partnerships

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