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The 1/4-inch OV9714 is a native high-definition (HD) image sensor capable of capturing high quality 720p video at 60 frames per second (fps) or cropped VGA at 120 fps. Built on an enhanced OmniPixel3-HS™ pixel, the OV9714 combines excellent low-light performance of 3300 mV/lux-sec and high dynamic range (HDR) with fast frame rates, making it ideally suited for entertainment, notebook, telepresence and high-end security applications.

The sensor's new and improved OmniPixel3-HS pixel architecture offers better low-light sensitivity, signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance and a 5 dB improvement in dynamic range compared to the previous generation. The OV9714's 12-bit RGB RAW output capability provides optimized HDR, while the embedded sequential line- or frame-based HDR features allow higher dynamic range for high-contrast scenes often encountered indoors.

The OV9714's fast frame rate minimizes latency delay, resulting in quick response time for interactive gaming and real-time communication applications. Additionally, the sensor offers frame synchronization functionality for use in 3D (stereo) camera systems.

The sensor comes with a standard 2-lane MIPI interface and fits into an 8 x 6 x 4.5 mm module size.


Automatic black level calibration (ABLC)

Programmable controls for frame rate, mirror and flip, cropping and windowing

Image quality controls:
- Lens correction
- Defective pixel canceling

Supports output formats:
- 8-/10-/12-bit RAW RGB (MIPI/LVDS)

Supports horizontal and vertical sub-sampling

Supports images sizes:
- 1280x800
- 640x400
- 320x200
- 160x100

Fast mode switching

Support 2x2 binning

Standard serial SCCB interface

Two-lane MIPI/LVDS serial output interface

Embedded 256 bits one-time programmable (OTP) memory for part identification, etc.

On-chip phase lock loop (PLL)

Programmable I/O drive capability

Built-in 1.5V regulator for core

Support alternate frame HDR / line HDR

Part Specification
InterfaceMIPI / LVDS
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter
CFA (Chroma)RGB Bayer
Analog / DigitalDigital
Power RequirementActive: 95 mA
Standby: 30 µA
Output FormatRAW
Operating Temperature-30°C to +85°C
Optical Format1/4"
Frame RateFull @ 60 fps
Pixel Size3.0 µm
Image Area3936 x 2460 µm
Package Dimensions6110 x 4930 µm
Product GuidePDF