The OV490 is a companion ISP processor for the OV10640 (and similar sensors) to provide a full system solution for display-based applications. The OV490 integrates a high performance ISP with improved HDR functionality for high quality images. Furthermore, the OV490 enables RAW output for machine vision downstream processing in parallel with fully processed YUV for display based applications via MIPI CSI-2 interface. It is designed to process single and dual stream input data. The OV490 is equipped with a 32-bit RISC processor for special applications. The RISC CPU acts as a master controlling the whole chip with the firmware code embedded in ROM or in the program RAM. It can access all sub-modules and run complicated algorithms for flexibility.


Feature set optimized for next generation surround view applications

Simultaneous output of fully processed YUV for display based applications and RAW only to enable machine vision downstream processing

Parallel processing of two input streams

Industry leading HDR technology, third generation HDR technology allows capturing of more details in bright and dark environments

JTAG boundary scan

High speed serial data transfer with MIPI CSI-2

Embedded information including: frame counter, temperature and register data in each image to enable critical automotive safety applications

Industry’s first features to improve image harmonization and synchronization for surround view applications

SCCB master interface for automatic sensor configuration at power-on

SCCB slave interface for OV490 configuration by host

On chip PLL to generate stable internal clock frequency

On chip voltage regulator 3.3V/1.8V to 1.2V

Brown-out detection circuit and output flag

Embedded 32-bit RISC processor for high performance and great flexibility

Supports 1K bits of one time programmable memory (OTP)

Advanced ISP for high quality image capturing and video streaming

Advanced auto white balance (AWB)

AEC/AGC with statistical data from hardware engine and algorithm running on RISC

Support of four user-defined ROI windows for statistics

DNS (RAW de-noise) and CIP (de-mosaic)

Supports power cut mode designed for power saving during system quiescence

AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualification

Part Specification
Sensor ResolutionUp to 1.4MPUp to 1.4MP
Highest Frame Rate60 fps (single sensor) @ 1.4MP
30 fps (dual sensor) @ 1.4MP
60 fps (single sensor) @ 1.4MP
30 fps (dual sensor) @ 1.4MP
Output FormatYUV
Operating Temperature-40°C to +105°C-40°C to +105°C
Recommended ArchitecturesSVS
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