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Cameras for ‘Super Selfies’
OmniVision’s portfolio of sensors allows users to capture crisp, high-resolution “super selfies,” even in low-light conditions. With OmniVision’s second-generation PureCel® Plus technology and four-cell technology, consumers will never miss a moment.

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Biometric Recognition Sensors
Biometric iris-recognition and facial-recognition functionalities take image sensors beyond imaging to provide the highest level of authentication available for mobile devices. OmniVision offers a range of highly optimized products to enable these advanced security capabilities.

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High-Performance Camera
OmniVision continues to progress fundamental image-sensor technology by enhancing image quality with every new generation, ensuring improved user experience and scene reproduction even as pixels shrink.

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Dual-Camera Sensor Solutions
OmniVision offers a range of sensors that enable two major dual-camera features: optical zoom and low-light enhancements. OmniVision’s sensors are equipped with capabilities designed to support dual-camera applications, such as on-chip EIS and synchronization.

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