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More than ever, consumers are relying on their smartphone cameras to capture and share life’s moments: selfies with friends, children’s birthday parties, sporting events, travel experiences… the list goes on. As the smartphone replaces stand-alone cameras as consumers’ camera of choice, the bar has been raised significantly for imaging technologies.
OmniVision’s advanced digital imaging solutions enable smartphone suppliers to deliver professional-grade cameras into the hands of consumers.

It is now standard for mobile devices to come equipped with two cameras: the user-facing camera and the world-facing camera. Trends in social media are driving increased consumer use of selfies for conveying people’s life stories to their social circles. They want user-facing cameras to capture not only their own image, but also group photos, including their surroundings, which requires expanded field of view and improved lighting.
Technology Leaders

  • World-facing cameras need to achieve DSLR performance, with less focus on resolution and more emphasis on additional features such as autofocus, speed, improved dynamic range and handshake jitter, while maintaining a thin form factor that fits into 7mm smartphone designs.
  • In addition to general photography, imaging technology is finding a second use in mobile applications: security. As smartphones become our life hub, security is paramount. OmniVision’s advanced digital imaging solutions enable the most secure biometrics available today.