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CameraCubeChip™ incorporates advanced image-sensor technology into a wafer-level chip-scale package.
  • CMOS Image Sensors
    The CameraCubeChip™ leverages both OmniVision’s frontside–illuminated and backside-illuminated CMOS image-sensor technology.
  • Wafer-Level Optics
    CameraCubeChip™ applies semiconductor stacking methodology to fabricate wafer-level optical elements as wafer structure layers.
  • Chip-Scale Packaging
    OmniVision’s wafer-level chip-scale packaging expertise provides a simplified supply chain with standard surface mount handling.

Fully integrated components enable ultra-thin, compact devices with advanced imaging capability.
Small-Form-Factor Camera Solution
With the CameraCubeChip™, OmniVision delivers fully integrated CMOS-based chip products with high-quality camera functionality in very small footprints and low profiles to deliver miniature camera modules that fit in tiny spaces, allowing for multiple cameras in one device.

A Simplified Supply-Chain Solution
OmniVision has created a simplified, one-stop shop for wafer-level camera modules that require minimal assembly and handling. The reflowable CameraCubeChip™ can be directly soldered to the printed circuit board with no socket or insertion required, making integration simple.

The CameraCubeChip™ delivers miniature-camera solutions to the medical, AR/VR and mobile markets.