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Technology that is defining the future of digital imaging

Pixel Technology
PureCel® is OMNIVISIONs flagship pixel technology, leveraging the benefits of FSI, OmniBSI™ and OmniBSI™-2 with ongoing innovation, resulting in subsequent pixel-architecture generations including PureCel®-S, PureCel®Plus and beyond.
Traditional HDR uses multiple images having different exposure times but results in motion artifacts from fast-moving objects. OMNIVISION’s HDR pixel technology enables motion-artifact-free imaging of extremely high-contrast scenes to deliver the highest-quality scene reproductions.
With the CameraCubeChip™, OMNIVISION delivers fully integrated CMOS-based chip products with high-quality camera functionality in very small footprints and low profiles to deliver miniature camera modules that fit in tiny spaces, allowing for multiple cameras in one device.
LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is a micro display device which is made by a combination of silicon and liquid crystal technology, where OMNIVISION has strong expertise. LCOS display is suitable for AR, pico projectors, smart shelf displays in retailer stores, and high speed telecommunications. OMNIVISION provides total display solutions from silicon backplanes to panels.