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The WD1034is a high efficiency, synchronous step down DC-DC converter optimized for battery powered portable applications.It supports up to 2Aoutput current. With a wide input voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V, thedevice supports applications powered by single Li-ion battery with extended voltage range, two and three alkaline cell, 3.3V and 5V input voltage range. The WD1034operates at 1.5MHz fixed switching frequencywith Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) and enters  Pulse-Skipping-Modulation (PSM) operation at light load current to maintain high efficiency over the entire load current range. 

The switching frequency is internally set at 1.5MHz, allowing the use of tiny surface mount inductor and input/output capacitors. Low output voltage iseasily supported with the 0.6V feedback reference voltage.

The WD1034is availablein SOT-23-6L package. Standard product is Pb-free and Halogen-free.

- Cellphones
- PADs
- STBs
- DSCs


Input voltage range:

Continue output current:

Switching frequency:
1.5MHz (Typ.)

Up to 94%

Feedback reference voltage:

100% duty cycle for low dropout operation

Adjustable Output Voltage

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
WD1034E-6/TR N/A SOT-23-6L