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Sensor bridge ASIC for OV6930 to convert analog output to digital and provide basic ISP functions.


Low cost, single-chip solution for the OV6930 medical sensor

SCCB slave and master support

High bandwidth ADC, supporting up to 16 MHz

Supports 10-bit digital parallel output

Low voltage, 1.8V (core), 3.3V (analog) and 3.3V (I/O) operation

External system clock or independent crystal operation

Auto gain/exposure control

Black level calibration (BLC)

Test pattern generator

Digital signal processor (DSP)

RAW output with 10-bit parallel digital video port (DVP)

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
Part Specification
DescriptionSensor bridge ASIC to covert analog output to digital and provide basic ISP functions
Key FeaturesSCCB control
Low Voltage
Lens correction, defect pixel correction, black level calibration
Auto gain / auto exposure / auto white balance
Windowing, test pattern generation
Target SolutionsIoT
Package Type36-pin wCSP™
Max Frame Rate400 x 400 @ 30 fps, up to 16 MHz
Output Interface10-bit DVP
Input InterfaceAnalog, up to 8 HHz
Product GuidePDF